• All clients are requested to view the space in question to establish its appropriateness.
  • All wedding events are required to have an Event Planner.
  • A rental reservation is considered definite after the date, time and location are agreed upon in writing by the Tunica RiverPark and:
    • A non-refundable deposit of one-half the full base rental has been received by the Tunica RiverPark office.*
    • Proof of liability insurance has been provided and filed with the Tunica RiverPark office.
    • A copy of the contract has been signed and received by the Tunica RiverPark office.


  • Glitter is not allowed as part of any table decorations.
  • Nails, screws, staples or tape may not be used on any wall surface. No staging or décor hung from the ceiling is allowed without written approval by Tunica RiverPark.
  • Taper candles are prohibited; however, votive candles are permitted. Décor must meet all fire codes.
  • Catering services must be provided by a Tunica RiverPark-approved caterer. Please see the vendors tab.
  • No smoking – the Tunica RiverPark is a smoke-free facility.
  • The Tunica RiverPark reserves the right to terminate a function at any time if its building, grounds or staff are endangered by the actions of any guests.
  • The Tunica RiverPark is an educational institution and a living museum; therefore, the protection of its treasures is of primary importance. The Tunica RiverPark reserves the right to refuse use of its facilities to any prospective lessee for any reason deemed appropriate by the Tunica RiverPark.

* If the contract is signed within the 30-day period prior to the event, the deposit required will be the non-refundable full base rental.

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The client may serve guests alcohol with the services of a reputable, responsible bartender. (Caterers routinely provide this service.) If alcohol is to be sold during the event, a vendor possessing necessary permits and liability insurance is required. The Tunica RiverPark and Tunica County are not liable for any damages, real or personal, arising from irresponsible alcohol use.


  • Client will supply catering, floral designs, entertainment, etc.
  • Musician(s) contracted for the event must supply their own equipment and make arrangements for equipment to be delivered and picked up immediately before and after the event. The Tunica RiverPark is not responsible for any equipment that is left unattended at any time.
  • Client will provide all personnel required to maintain their event.
  • Any vendors contracted by the client are responsible for all materials and personnel brought into the facility. Vendors must provide appropriate dollies, hand trucks or other moving equipment for the setup and removal of materials.
  • All arrangements for deliveries, setup and breakdown must be cleared in advance with Tunica RiverPark management.